We are a close-knit team of seasoned Counsels/Litigators, specialized in the fields of Competition, Trade/Regulatory and Public/Administrative law, sharing a passion for:


  • Delivering an Excellent Legal product, and
  • Making a Difference in the provision of Advisory and Litigation services in fields where we possess distinguished Scientific/Academic Expertise and where over the years we have contributed notably in the formation of relevant legislation and the development of case law.  



Having worked for over two decades as litigators/legal counsels in the areas of Competition, Administrative, Trade/Regulatory law, thus getting into the innards of lots of different businesses and industries, understanding how they operate, and handling the competition, administrative and commercial law ramifications of complex cases and investigations, our Vision is to create a (national and international) hub for high-end expert services in the fields of law where we specialize. Namely: 


  • EU Competition Law 
  • Public Administrative Law 
  • Data Privacy Law 
  • International Trade/Regulatory Law (except Telecoms/Postal Regulation) 
  • Governance & Compliance Legal Services



Whether your company is large or small, if it is considering forming a business alliance, moving into a new market, taking a new tack with its competitors, implementing a new production, marketing or distribution strategy, specialized legal advice on meeting the evolving (case specific and/or general) expectations of enforcement agencies, as well as the continuously evolving requirements of antitrust, regulatory, and Data Privacy laws, is essential.  Our Legal practice offers high-end services in: 


  •  Antitrust Law & Litigation    
  • Mergers & Acquisitions    
  • Developing Antitrust Compliance Programs and Business Antitrust Counselling
  • GDPR Compliance Programs and Data Privacy Counselling
  • Contentious public law cases such as claims against the State and/or public agencies (contractual and tortious liability), actions of annulment and recourses against administrative acts and omissions (imputation of tax charges, sanctions imposed by state agencies or professional disciplinary bodies, fines imposed by administrative authorities for violations of law or consumer protection provisions) and  public procurement cases


We work with a diverse range of clients: individuals, large and small corporations, governments, public bodies and trade associations. We do not rely nor employ large teams of junior lawyers. Instead, we personally are closely involved at all stages of a case, working in close partnership with our clients from the beginning till closure of a case. We attach a great deal of importance to cooperation and personal contact. ​Across the full spectrum of our practice, our aim is to provide commercially focused advice based on a strategic balancing of the business and policy implications of any case. Our promise is to focus on the specific needs of our clients and always retain our uncompromising standards.


Our independence means that we do not face the same conflict issues that can affect larger law firms, and we prioritise investing the time required to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business. Our innovative cost structure means that our fees are very competitive and we have the flexibility to provide alternative billing mechanisms.   



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